Mui Ne Cooking School offers two different menus; both include some of the most popular Vietnamese dishes.


We are happy to share our menu options and recipes with you. After each class we give you a recipe booklet to take home. Not only that, we email you the recipe documents of both classes!

Do both cooking classes and get a price reduction on your second class!

Allergies & Food Restrictions

Just let us know (in the booking form) if you have any special dietary needs and the chefs will make sure to create an adjusted menu that suits your needs.

Please be aware that we don’t cater for ‘strict’ vegetarians/vegans as we use ingredients like fish sauce & other spices which may include fish/meat products to prepare some of the dishes. If you are comfortable with cooking with these spices/ingredients and simply leaving out (or replacing) the actual meat or fish then you’re very welcome to join.

Our Dishes

Join us for a cooking class or tour during your time in Mui Ne!

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